Why should you consider an investment in custom software?
  • It is possible to work faster and smarter. Custom software, designed with your specific needs in mind, enable efficiency gains that could never be attained by using several different programs or manual processes. Tasks can be streamlined, workflows can be automated and efficiency gains can become immediately evident.
  • You can gain significant competitive advantages. By developing your own platform to manage your business, you will immediately have an advantage over your competitors who are using off-the-shelf solutions. As your custom, scalable solution grows, so does your competitive advantage.
  • Time is money. Custom software will save time, reduce errors and make tasks easier and faster.d
Why should you choose PerfOpt to develop your MIS software?

There are several reasons why PerfOpt Technologies is a valuable partner:

  • We have extensive experience in building custom MIS software.
  • We have a proven methodology that we use to implement each project.
  • Our commitment is to perform all work with the utmost professionalism; to deliver every product with integrity; and to back it up with exceptional customer service. Once we are committed to a project, success is the only acceptable goal and your satisfaction is our success.
  • Our disciplined approach enables us to handle large-scale complicated projects and our effective project management ensures they are completed on-time and within budget.
  • We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients. Earning your trust — and keeping it — is our most important consideration.

What is our software development methodology?
At PerfOpt, we use a structured, customizable, iterative approach, embodied in our delivery model, which is designed to help organizations build and expand their IT posture. The model is a collaborative starting point from which a project plan is developed.
We have established a ten-step methodology for rapid design, development, and delivery.

Ten-step Metholodogy for Rapid Design

In conjunction with this methodology, we utilize an Agile Scrum approach towards project management to deliver quality solutions that help you monetize the big system in small but effective steps. We build on the feedback provided with each small piece to refine the overall design and development.

Finally, we have a pre-developed platform, called PerfRMS, which greatly aids the development process, and reduces many risks associated with custom software development.

What is PerfRMS?

PerfRMS is a robust, scalable, mature, proven custom software development platform. Think of it as a solid foundation for your custom software development project. We have addressed all of the core needs of a web-based software application in PerfRMS.

Overview of the PerfRMS platform:

  • Mature underlying database that is designed to be flexible and scalable
  • Handles security, session management, error logging, and other core components required for any MIS systems
  • Pre-existing modules are easily customized; additional modules can be added as needed
  • Business rules regarding validation of data can be applied at the database level, in the core modules and in any newly developed modules.
  • Powerful user interface for the configuration of trigger and scheduler-based automated jobs
  • Automatic email notifications of important activities
  • Seamless business intelligence integration; you own the data and can use any reporting software
What are the features of PerfRMS?

PerfRMS comes with following standard features:

  • Admin Portal for staff members and power users
  • Real-time dashboards that provide statistical information
  • Ability for power users to perform many administrative functions
  • Role-based security implementation
  • Robust session management. Encrypted password storage
  • Customer Portal allows self-service activities and provides notifications for required actions
  • User Management Module offers extensive functionality to track user profile information and their related activities. These services include:
    • User credentials management: login, forgot username/password service
    • Demographic information management: addresses, phones, emails, faxes
    • Relationship management like user-to-user and user-to-organization relationships
  • Organization Management Module offers extensive functionality to manage an organization’s demographic information and its relationships. These services include:
    • Hierarchy management required to track parent and sub-organizations
    • User relationship management that governs operational authority and permissions
    • Support for allowing an organization to perform activities on behalf of several affiliated users
  • Financial Management Module offers extensive functionality that is needed by a business to manage flow of funds for users and organizations. These services include:
    • Real-time payment processing for credit cards and eCheck payments.
    • Supports dues/charges, payments, refunds, partial payments, overpayments, underpayments, split payments, billing, AR, deferred revenue and other financial tracking information
    • Automatic reconciliation of settlement batches with appropriate reports to track variances
    • Supports upload of batches and automatically creates finanical records
What are the benefits of using PerfRMS?

There are several benefits of using PerfRMS to develop your custom MIS software:

  • It is a robust platform that is currently being used by several large organizations.
  • Because many of the core functions have already been developed, it enables rapid development and reduces the total development timeline.
  • The ability to license this platform reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Risk that is associated with developing a custom software from scratch is mitigated.
  • PerfRMS is backed by a company that is committed to continually enhancing and improving the platform.
  • It is very intuitive and easy to use, thus reducing training time and enhancing user satisfaction.
What are the next steps?

If you are intrigued by the thought of streamlining your processes, opening doors for future growth, and building a powerful system that is easy to use, please contact us. We will help you analyze your options and select a solution that provides the best Return On Investment (ROI).