System Analysis and Project Management


ZSG employs strategic methodologies and best practices to provide quality services for Requirement / System Analysis for all your IT needs. Drawing upon expertise in multiple domains, technologies, tools, and platforms, we also provide exceptional Project Management to ensure that all your IT projects are completed on-time and within budget.


ZSG has a structured, customizable, iterative approach embodied in our delivery model that is designed to help organizations build and expand their IT posture. The model is a collaborative starting point from which a project plan is developed. At ZSG, our goal is not simply to deliver transactional applications, but to create a recipe for success for our clients by implementing a development process that is understandable and repeatable.

ZSG has established a ten step methodology for rapid design, development, and delivery that is second to none. These phases are:

1. Project Initiation
2. Discovery
3. Gap Analysis
4. Architecture Definition
5. Design
6. Development
7. Testing
8. Implementation
9. Post Implementation Support
10. Maintenance and Support