I write this letter to thank you for helping our firm by creating a system that allows us single-entry information for multi-level applications.

The time savings is considerable and has definitely saved us money and simplified data processing in our office. Our customers as well appreciate the easy maneuverability and organized information on our site.

We look forward to working with you for many more years. We extend our sincere thanks to you and your staff.


J. J. Palmtag
President, J.J. Palmtag Inc.
1010 Central Avenue
Nebraska City, NE 68410






To Whom it May Concern:


On behalf of Nexterna Operations, we would like to commend Zap Solutions Group for their exceptional leadership along with the time an effort spent especially during the holidays in tackling the critical timeframe assigned to complete the “Network Separation Project”.


Their staff researches, coordinates and implements their tasks meticulously. I’ve received many compliments from Management and our very own Technical Services Team. Personnel in customer care, sales, and other departments praise their work.


Please accept this letter of commendation as our way of saying thank you for the dedication, hard work and a job well done; it was truly noted and outstanding.


Eric A. Blomberg
Nexterna, Director of Technical Services
9119 Western Avenue
Omaha NE 68114