Technical Assessments


Zap Solutions Group will help your organization insure it is getting the most value for your technology investment. We use a proven workflow analysis methodology to examine and understand your needs and business model in order to make tailored, customized technology recommendations.



AMS Assessments

  • Is your current AMS fully meeting your needs?
  • Are you getting the most that you can out of your AMS?
  • Does your AMS need to be upgraded or replaced?
We have the tools and experience to help you answer these questions. We can evaluate your organization's specific needs and business rules, and insure that your AMS will meet those needs in the most cost-efficient manner.


Network Assessments

A fast, reliable network is essential to every organization’s daily operations. ZSG has extensive networking experience and expertise to:

  • evaluate your present network
  • identify any weaknesses and plan for future needs
  • provide recommendations for and implementation of the best network for you.


Security Assessments

Do your systems have what it takes to keep out intruders and keep your data safe? ZSG is well-equipped to evaluate and handle all your security needs:

  • Perimeter security to prevent unauthorized external access
  • System Monitoring to watch for any outages or intrusions
  • Data Backup to safeguard against any costly data loss
  • Support for any problems that may occur


Tech Assessments & Audits

Advances in technology occur every day. Your organization’s needs change over time. ZSG can help you determine if you are using technology to your best advantage. Based on a thorough analysis of your technology needs, we can recommend and implement the best available technology resources to enable you to meet your needs.